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Dive into our realm of unparalleled cloud computing, robust data storage, and AI-driven insights.
Storage Solutions
Keep your data safe and accessible with our flexible storage solutions, designed for growing businesses in a data-centric world
Storage Use Case
Facilitates big data analytics for strategic insights, enhances cloud-based collaboration, and ensures compliance in data storage and management.
NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper™ Superchip
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AI & Machine Learning
Our AI and ML offerings are tailored for leaders in technology and research, enhancing customer service with chatbots, streamlining operations through analytics, and driving forward with innovation.
Storage Use Case
Enables advanced scientific research, high-quality media production, and agile software development with robust computing power.
High Performance Architecture
Compute Cloud
Keep your data safe and accessible with our flexible storage solutions, designed for growing businesses in a data-centric world
AI Use Case
Streamlines healthcare diagnostics, transforms customer service interactions, and elevates fraud detection in finance with AI precision.
Managed Disaster Recovery (MDR)

Why Infinity Data

With Infinity Data, you're not just adapting to the digital future; you're defining it.
Tailor-Made for Your Needs
Competitive and Fair Pricing
the importance of zero friction
Uncompromised Security
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4. We prioritize the safety of your data with advanced, multi-layered security measures, giving you peace of mind in a digital world.
3. Our team of experts is ready to partner with you, offering consultations to understand and address your specific challenges and goals.
1. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Our services are custom-crafted, ensuring they fit your unique business requirements perfectly.
2. Get the best of both worlds with our competitively priced solutions, designed to deliver top-tier quality without breaking the bank.
At Infinity Data, we’re not just providers; we’re innovators. Our ethos is rooted in the belief that every challenge has a unique solution waiting to be discovered. We specialize in creating cloud services that aren’t just effective but are meticulously crafted to fit your business like a glove.
A Synthesis of Power and Efficiency
Introducing NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper™ Superchip in Infinity Data's Reserved Cloud
Dive Deeper into AI Capabilities
Experience unparalleled computational power with the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper™ Superchip. Featuring 576 GB of coherent memory and a robust 72-core ARM CPU paired with a 96GB H100 GPU, it's designed for the most intensive AI and analytics tasks.
Our solutions are engineered to provide unmatched power and efficiency, propelling your business into a future where complex problems find unprecedented solutions.

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Learn More

Cloud Architecture

Explore our Cloud Architecture, a blend of high-performance computing, agile network and deployment, and advanced data management. Designed for robust security and efficiency, it integrates cutting-edge technologies with strict compliance and Managed Disaster Recovery (MDR), ensuring resilient and innovative cloud solutions.
icon compute resources
Compute Resources
High-end CPUs and GPUs for robust server capabilities.
icon networking
Advanced infrastructure with InfiniBand, GPUDirect RDMA, and high-speed Ethernet, including load balancing and VPN.
icon big data
Big Data Platforms
Integration of Apache Hadoop and Spark for large dataset handling and analytics.
multiple layered security
Multi-Layered Security
Incorporating firewalls, IDPS,  and advanced encryption.
storage icon
Storage Solutions
A mix of SSDs and HDDs for diverse storage requirements, following S3 and other industry protocols.
Containerization icon
Utilizes Kubernetes® for container orchestration and Docker for rapid deployment
AI and Machine Learning Tools icon
AI and Machine Learning Tools
TensorFlow, PyTorch, and a range of libraries for AI and machine learning development.
Compliance and MDR icon
Compliance and MDR
Strict regulatory compliance, including HIPAA, and Managed Disaster Recovery for resilience.
We're not just keeping pace with technology
—we're setting the benchmark
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At Infinity Data, we provide cutting-edge cloud solutions at the most competitive prices in the market.
Cut your compute expenses by more than 50%
Prices per hour per H100 SXM5*. Pay-as-you-go.
Min number of GPUs — 8.
VRAM per GPU — 80 GB.
vCPUs ​per GPU — 20 cores.
RAM per GPU — 160 GB.

See Pricing

See Pricing

At Infinity Data, we tailor our services to the unique challenges and needs of diverse sectors.
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AI and Machine Learning Development
Big Data

Our company excels in managing and analyzing vast datasets, crucial for businesses in finance, marketing, and e-commerce that rely on data-driven strategies for market insights and decision-making.

Healthcare and Genomic Research

In healthcare, use our platform for processing large genomic datasets and medical imaging, aiding in research and diagnostics.

Financial Modeling and Risk Analysis

In the finance sector, use our computing power for real-time analytics, risk assessments, and economic modeling, crucial for trading, investment firms, and banks.

IoT and Edge Computing

For businesses leveraging IoT, our Compute Cloud enables real-time processing and analysis of data from connected devices, essential for smart city projects, manufacturing, and logistics.

If your field demands cutting-edge AI and machine learning, discover how our AI solutions can drive innovation.
For industries focused on high-end computing and rendering, our Compute solutions offer the power and flexibility you need.
For sectors requiring robust data management, from healthcare to finance, our Storage options ensure security and scalability.